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A cannabis dispensary owner is shattering stigmas — and glass ceilings

Jessica Levy, for HPC Port Hueneme | Published 2:00 a.m. PT Dec. 19, 2019

As the industry matures, women like Thuna are shattering stigmas that may have kept others out. In spite of the state’s legalization of cannabis in 2016 through Proposition 64, many people still think that cannabis is only for stoners.

Beth Thuna, Owner, HPC Port Hueneme, estimates that only about one-third of the executives in the cannabis space are women.

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Cannabis testing lab coming to Thousand Oaks; owner says it's only one in county as of now

Mike Harris, Ventura County StarPublished 9:32 a.m. PT Dec. 11, 2019

A licensed cannabis testing facility is coming to Thousand Oaks. As of now, it will be the only one to operate in Ventura County, its CEO says. The Thousand Oaks City Council on Tuesday night unanimously approved an agreement with Atlas Quality Assurance Laboratories to operate the facility.

The Thousand Oaks City Council on Tuesday night approved an operations agreement with a cannabis testing lab, which is expected to open in town late next year.


Good luck with pot, Oxnard

Ventura County Star | Published 12:19 p.m. PT Dec. 9, 2019

Good luck, Oxnard City Council. This is more about looking good by protecting naive parents from pot retailers in “their own backyards.” Put them across the tracks like the “red light districts” and roadhouses of an earlier time.

Weston Walker, left, gets help by Boh Nellis, a product specialist for Hueneme Patient Consumer Collective. (Photo: JUAN CARLO/THE STAR)


Oxnard sets regulations on pot dispensaries, bans flavored tobacco

Wendy Leung, Ventura County StarPublished 9:09 a.m. PT Dec. 4, 2019

By a vote of 6-1, council approved a retail cannabis ordinance that would allow up to eight dispensaries in commercial areas across the city. They will not be allowed within 600 feet of schools, parks and day-care centers.

Francisco Martinez smells a sample of marijuana before buying at Safe Port Cannabis Dispensary in Port Hueneme. Neighboring Oxnard will soon have eight dispensaries. (Photo: JUAN CARLO/THE STAR)


Location, location, location — Where will Oxnard put its marijuana dispensaries?

Wendy Leung, Ventura County StarPublished 7:00 a.m. PT Dec. 1, 2019

A total of eight cannabis retailers will be allowed as part of a "go slow" policy approach to relaxing an earlier ban of such businesses. They will likely go into commercial plazas and strip malls across the city, including areas of downtown.

Neighboring Oxnard will soon follow Port Hueneme's lead in allowing cannabis retailers to operate in the city. (Photo: JUAN CARLO/THE STAR)


These 6 holiday gifts celebrate the best of cannabis culture

Jessica Levy, for HPC Port Hueneme | Published 2:00 a.m. PT Nov. 29, 2019

Now that cannabis is legal in the state of California for anyone over the age of 21, you can easily purchase a wide variety of gifts for cannabis lovers. Buyers should note that at a federal level, however, marijuana is still considered a Schedule I drug no matter how or where it’s used.

Give a gift that is perfect for the cannabis-lover in your life. (Photo: Getty Images)

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California boosts pot taxes, shocking unsteady industry

Michael R. Blood, The Associated PressPublished 2:42 p.m. PT Nov. 23, 2019

Hefty marijuana taxes that can approach 50 percent in some communities have been blamed for pushing shoppers into California’s tax-free illegal market, which is thriving. Industry analysts estimate that $3 are spent in the illegal market for every $1 in the legal one.

From ancient China to 420, pot has come a long way.


County to investigate hold on hemp permits, remedial actions for smell in light of protests

Kathleen Wilson, Ventura County StarPublished 11:40 a.m. PT Nov. 20, 2019

Ventura County supervisors moved this week toward passing land-use protections to address the skunk-like smell from hemp fields after hearing complaints from a stream of angry homeowners in Moorpark.

Angry Moorpark residents asked for controls on hemp cultivation at a special meeting of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 19. (Photo: KATHLEEN WILSON/THE STAR)

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Cross-pollination from hemp could be a problem for marijuana growers

Bart Schaneman, Marijuana Business Daily, via The Associated PressPublished 8:00 a.m. PT Nov. 15, 2019

Outdoor marijuana growers are reporting an increase in cross-pollination from hemp farms, a development that could mean marijuana cultivators might lose upwards of tens of thousands of dollars if their plants become unmarketable as flower products.

Hemp, which has recently been legalized for commercial production, is expected to be a big factor in Ventura County's agricultural industry. Ventura County Star

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County’s newest cash crop draws criticism

By Christina Cox, Thousand Oaks Acorn November 14, 2019

SKUNKY—The smell of industrial hemp being grown on farmland along Tierra Rejada Road in Moorpark has some residents complaining. Homeowners in Moorpark’s Serenata neighborhood are used to looking out of their backyards and seeing onions, celery and strawberries growing in the fields below.

Acorn file photo